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This is in response to the above invoice #. Finally I received the order on 19th Nov which is more than 1 month, though promise was of 10-12 days. The received stuff is not what is expected and I have paid for.

Ordered Received Amount Paid Actual Price

Shat.Kalpa w saff 5X400GM Shat.Kalpa w/o saff 10X200 $110=(110*50)=INR5500/- 125*10=INR 1250/-

Sun Massage Powder 100 GM Sun Massage Powder 50 GM $9 =(9*50) = INR 450/- 150*1 = INR 150/-

Femisen Oil 100 ML Femisen Oil 50 ML $7 =(7*50) = INR 350/- 115*1 = INR 115

Surudh Oil 100 ML Surudh Oil 50 ML $7 =(7*50) = INR 350/- 95*1 = INR 95

Rose Beauty Oil 100 ML Rose Beauty Oil 50 ML $8 =(8*50) = INR 400/- 160*1 = INR 160

Kundilini Tel 200 ML Kundilini Tel 50 ML $12 =(12*50) = INR 600/-140*1 = INR 140/-

Total after discount and VAT $157.12 = (157.12*50) = INR 7856/- INR 1910/-

If you take look on above table, you will come to know that I have paid more than required and received wrong stuff. The most costly thing Shatavari Kalpa, I have paid for with saffron and received without saffron, and rest all less quantity.

If I use good courier from India to USA to send a weight up to 2kg will not cost me more than INR 2000/- which means it will cost me hardly INR 4000/- and will receive in 1 week max. Here I paid almost double and received wrong stuff and that took more than 1 month to reach. If I add my losses on top of this, I am considering the Dollar/Rupee rate as just 50, though it was 53.0244 on 15th Oct 2012.

This is not a healthy way to do business and it’s a total cheating. I requested to refund my money when I return back all the stuff, but these people do not even respond, specially Dr.K Sagar.

Samir Mohite

Cell: 925-202-5334 (USA)

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